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Literature Review: Sharing the American Dream

On April 23, 2010 Governor Jan Brewer signed into law Arizona State Senate Bill 1070. The law calls for strict enforcement of federal immigration laws regarding illegal aliens. The explosion of debate across all forms of media leading up to and following the signing of the bill has exposed a passionate but divided nation, keen to enhance security through better border patrol but weary of the possibility that stringent laws could jeopardize civil liberties and the freedoms at the core of the American dream.

Generation after generation of immigrants have given up the culture they know and the people they love to hop a fence, swim an ocean, stow aboard a boat or airplane in search of freedom and opportunity. Often fleeing violent crime and armed conflict—forced marriages and other human rights abuses and gender-based violence—fleeing political oppression and religious persecution they seek a safe haven that offers the kind of freedom they could only dream of.

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