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Occupy DC

The financial crisis facing the world and especially in the United states of America affected a number of families losing their jobs, homes.
They are thousands to protest peacefully in most U.S. cities like Chicago, New York and Washington DC. Theses people decides to places in a major cities. They are called: Occupy Chicago! Occupy Wall Street! And Occupy DC! I particulary decided to cover “Occupy DC” My objective will be present visually and in writing must of the information regarding of what is going on on the field. By the time I do believe that not everyone agree with their point of view, I will make some research that will help me understand the situation. In a few blocs of the White House, they are a dressing camps looking like a refugees of Dafour. The police do occasionally decide to make arrests. How do these young men, women and children face the winter? The occupants of DC are for a number of months under the watchful eye of police. Some have agreed to give their views on the situation they are going through. Life in these deplorable condition reminds us of the refuge camps in Goma in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our goal is clear: To capture a spirit, an outlook, and aspirations and convert them to a visual image. Through the view of our camera, I will be covered the protest of the “Occupy D.C.” and bring some new story at to our reader.
Who are they? Where are they? What do they want? These are few of the questions that I will be asking. Also, I will be looking to meet oponent of the “Occupy DC” to have their opinion. Please, stay in touch
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