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Baltimore Celebrates 2012 Hon Festival

For 19 years, Baltimore’s “Hon” Festival has attracted big crowds in recognition and celebration of the community’s working women. Created in 1994 by Denise Whiting, the festival has become an established tradition. According to the HonFest website, this “family-friendly” annual event “Since 1994, HonFest has grown from a tiny Baltimore’s Best Hon pageant behind Café […]

Anti-Drone Demonstration at White House

CodePINK, Women for Peace co-founder Medea Benjamin and other anti-war activists protested at the White House on June 1, 2012 against the use of drones for military assassinations. For one hour, the activists presented a theatrical display including a “Kill List” to show that drones kill innocent people, including women and children, as well as […]

A New Deal for Tanzania

For almost ten years, African countries have fought to improve on two fronts: anti-corruption and pro-development. According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), “Tanzania represents a success story for developing and emerging-market countries in a time of evolving donor-recipient relations. Through a series of reforms to increase transparency, good governance, and country-led […]

A Snapshot of Artomatic 2012

One man’s idea. Started in 1999 with 350 artists. Today, more than 1,000 artists from many different disciplines participate every year. At least 70,000 visitors enjoy this event. Artomatic, the biggest creative art event in the world. According to the website, “Artomatic 2012 is a month-long art festival in the DC area that is “by […]

Occupy Movement Endures Despite Limited Success

Many thousands of citizens have sacrificed, left their jobs and dedicated their time, to the Occupy Movement. Participants in the movement believe they have achieved significant success in changing the conversation about the current crisis in the America. They cite President Barack Obama’s State of the Union Address and the campaign to pass the so-called […]