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“Sharing the American Dream”, is a short documentary about undocumented immigrants in the United States. It highlights the challenges undocumented immigrants face and those who work to help them rebuild their lives and communities in a new country. These immigrants experience the same struggles and influences as Americans, but they don’t have the same opportunities or freedoms citizens take for granted.

Women in Climate Action

Across Zambia, women are taking action to tackle pressing issues that were caused by climate change. In Nalolo district, for example, the clearing of canals has opened up hectares of land that residents can now use to farm cassava and maize.

Zambia Climate Warriors


“The Flux Mothers” documents the work of Dr. Anne Tefaro, founder of URGENCE D’AFRIQUE (EMERGENCY AFRICA) in Brazzaville, Congo. The organization focuses on helping women and children victims of the Congo civil war gain self sufficiency through job training, education, and healthcare. Since many program participants are victims of rape, Dr. Tefaro also provides self-empowerment classes such as Aikido. Though Dr. Tafaro has had much success with her organization, there are still many areas where the program needs help.