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  • Kim and Reggie Harris: Keeping Tradition Alive

Kim and Reggie Harris: Keeping Tradition Alive

Kim and Reggie Harris are talented singers and storytellers who have performed in schools, churches and community venues for the past 35 years. They met in 1974 and decided to start a guitar club. “We learned how to play guitar and to sing. Music has always been part of our relationship.” Kim says. At that […]

Visualization of Unemployment Rate in California

Based on the statistics published on the Website of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, I have created a graphic to show the unemployment rate in the State of California from Nov. 2008 to Dec. 2011. I have selected this data because California is one of largest states with the country’s highest unemployment rate, after Nevada. […]


From slavery to college educated and motivational speaker. She is originally from Cameroon. She is a survivor. She was a slave, a victim of human trafficking. She experienced slavery not in Cameroon, but in the United States, only 30 miles from our nation’s capitol. At age 9 as she says on CNN on June 23, 2011, she came to the United States. Evelyn Chumbow, […]

Obama’s Confidently Happy Performance at the Apollo

Is the Republican Party struggling to find a viable candidate for the 2012 presidential election? I do believe that this might be the case.  According to Ross Douthat, a New York Times Op-Ed writer, “the Republican Party has been unable to find a candidate for the White House in 2012 who inspires anything but weary resignation […]